1954   Company founded by Manfred Werner. Initial business involved transporting building materials.

1977   Son Erich Werner joined the company.

1983   Son Dieter Werner joined the company.

1997   Son Gerd Werner joined the company.

1998   Erich, Dieter and Gerd Werner took over the management of the freight forwarding company at the end of the year and changed the name to "WERNER SPEDITION - Transport & Logistik GmbH".

2004   50-year company anniversary.

2010   Patrick Werner (3rd generation) started his training to become a freight forwarding agent.

2014   60-year company anniversary

2014   Patrick Werner began his studies in Bremen.


1954   Manfred Werner starting transporting building materials within the region with a tractor and trailer.

1977   Expansion of national transport services.

1978   Expansion of France traffic.

1984   Received the first long-distance goods franchise.

1985   Took over the drinks distribution warehouse for Binding Brauerei and its personnel.

1988   Expansion of part and complete load traffic in Germany and across Europe.

1990   Establishing just-in-time shipments in the automobile industry.

1999   The company moved its base to the business park in Appenweier at the beginning of the year and this provided more efficient links to the motorway.

2001   The company was certified for domestic and international freight forwarding, warehousing and picking in line with DIN EN ISO 9001.

2003   The company base in Appenweier was expanded to provide a complete logistics area of two hectares by the purchase of neighbouring sites.

08|2003   Aug. 2003 First trainee began training as a freight forwarding agent. This scheme is also certified in line with DIN EN ISO 9001.

2005   Construction and commissioning of a modern, more environmentally-friendly, fully automatic truck washing facility.

2006   Expansion of special consignments by the purchase of extra wide vehicles.

2008   Inauguration of the new training and instruction centre with social amenity rooms. We train several trainees to become freight forwarding agents or professional truck drivers every year.

09|2008   First trainee starts training as a professional truck driver.

2009   Launch of a modern repair shop with maintenance pit, hoist and Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) test bay.

2010   Expansion of the silo and food sector traffic.
A small family business developed into a well-established medium-sized logistics enterprise in the sector.

2011   WERNER-SPEDITION certified according to GMP++-Standard B4 for agricultural transport services.

2014   Purchase of the latest EURO-6 vehicles

2015   Silo fleet now comprises 9 vehicles